Over the years we have taught swimming, we get asked a lot of questions from parents and thought the following section on our site might help to prepare you for your lessons. If you have other questions, please give us a call, drop us an email or catch us at the pool.

The Swim Factory have implimented a COVID plan that adheres with government guidelines and includes additional cleaning, limited entry to the venue, specific COVID training for staff and track and trace procedures.

  • All children should dress appropriately. Costume, cap (compulsory for those over 3 years of age), goggles and a rash vest if required. We do not allow children to wear shorts, board shorts and tee shirts because when wet they make it extremely difficult for a child to gain the appropriate buoyancy required for optimal swimming. It is just too difficult for children to swim in sodden, heavy clothing.
  • All children should have warm clothing and footwear to leave the pool. Why? Heat escapes from your child’s body especially through his/her head and feet. Maintaining an even body temperature is more conducive to good health. Even elite athletes – no matter how hot the day, or how hot they ‘feel’ – will always put on an extra layer after competition or until they have ‘cooled down’.
  • Footwear. Why? Put simply, for warmth and safety. The Swim Factory is surrounded by other warehouses / businesses. Although the other business owners take pride in their properties, we cannot guarantee the paths are always completely ‘safe’ for little feet.
  • A towel.

6months – 3years especially

  • All children who are 3 years of age and under, regardless of their level of toilet training, and older children who are not yet fully toilet trained MUST wear a double nappy – Disposable, waterproof swim/aqua nappy covered by a re-usable, snug fitting swim nappy or swim costume.
  • By “toilet trained” we mean the toddler sleeps through the night without needing a nappy

“Swimming is an asset for life”
– Forbes Carlile

Swimming is an important part of a child’s education. Every child will be exposed to situations involving water. In Melbourne we are surrounded by it. The beach, the river, lakes and backyard pools. Becoming water safe is essential for a parent and child’s wellbeing. Swimming is also a fantastic activity for recreation that can be enjoyed by all ages. Being able to swim well means we can enjoy the beach, pool parties, boating and so many other activities based on and around water.

Despite lessons, it is a parental responsibility to ensure the safety of their child by stringently supervising their child whenever they are around water.

Children are unique individuals and develop at their own pace. Babies and toddlers who have positive water experiences tend to progress faster because they do not develop a fear of the water. Keeping this in mind, the younger they start, the sooner they will become safe, happy and efficient swimmers.

It takes significant time to develop the strength, coordination and endurance to be a competent swimmer. Like all other skills a child learns in life, swimming skills develop with time and practice.

The Swim Factory  recommends making swimming lessons a part of a child’s weekly activities. Once or twice a week on an extended basis. This is the best way to learn and maintain the water safety and fitness benefits that swimming brings.

At The Swim Factory – located in Cranbourne West, Melbourne – we prefer group lessons. Small group lessons provide children with instruction, time to practice, time to watch others perform the skill, important recovery time and time to play. Yes, time to play! This is valuable time.

However, not all children learn best in group lessons. Parents should take into account their child’s temperament and learning style and discuss this with our Supervisor. Sometimes for example, a very nervous child may benefit from a few private or semi private lessons to gain trust in his/her teacher and learn a little about the environment within the pool.

We recommend you come about 15 minutes early on your first day. This will give you a chance to meet The Swim Factory’s head coach, who will welcome you and show you where your child’s class will be. Success will be promoted if your child does not feel rushed, particularly on the first day. Our head coach or your child’s teacher will take them to their class. Parents should remain in the spectator area.


The Swim Factory staff members are eager to create a warm, caring and trusting environment for your child. They are the ones who will decide if the actions of a child are disrupting to the lesson and preventing others from learning. If this happens, they will be the ones who will positively manage the behaviour of everyone in the class so that it is equitable for all.

The Swim Factory lessons are comparable to other high quality children’s activities in Melbourne. We believe swimming is the most valuable and important lesson purchase you will ever make. Swimming is one of only a few activities a child undertakes which have the ability teach skills which will make recreation enjoyable and have the potential to save a life. Please see our fees and charges section for a complete listing of our fees.

We require a minimum of one hour’s notice of any absence so that the space your child’s absence creates can be offered to another child who needs a make up class.

Make up classes are valid for 3 months provided you remain enrolled in the program.

Make up classes can only be booked on the day you wish to attend your make up class.

Parents are responsible for booking your absences and make ups via your Parent Portal. This is not done by our reception or admin staff.

Not all classes are displayed on our website. Please call to discuss what other options are available. We can open up new classes with as few as two children enrolled.

The Swim Factory program runs continuously all year except for two weeks at Christmas. You can join at any time.