Fees and Charges

At The Swim Factory we try to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why, from August 1, 2023, we have introduced a single cost across all of our classes. This single cost structure makes it easy for you to know how much your swimming lessons are going to cost.


Effective 1 August 2023

  • $22.50 per lesson
  • enrollment requires a $40 registration fee along with a two week deposit
  • weekly direct debit (payments are suspended for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year)
  • no GST is charged on swimming lessons


Bank account and credit card fees and charges for lessons and purchases:

  • all payments are contactless and are subject to bank fees and charges which appear on your statement
  • credit card is $0.33 per transaction + 1.87%  of the transaction
  • bank account is $0.88 per transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to update your payment details, please contact us via email on cranbourne@theswimfactory.com.au. We will contact you within two days to update your payment account.

If your credit card is declined the following fees will be incurred:

  • $4.40 fee from the payment gateway Payrix
  • $20.00 bank fee from The Swim Factory

To cancel lessons a termination form must be completed in person at reception at The Swim Factory.  Two weeks notice must be given.