Multi-level curriculum for young children aged 5-14 years who are learning to swim. Your child will be placed in a level based on their ability and will advance at their own pace through our curriculum as they acquire new skills and achieve the goals for each level. Assessment required for Level 3 and above.


5 to 14 years old


30 minutes


Level 1: Maximum 4
Level 2: Maximum 5
Level 3: Maximum 6
Level 4: Maximum 6 (classes involve lap swimming and an in and out-of-water instructor)


Start Anytime
You can register at any time.

Continuous Program
Our program runs all year except for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.
Two week’s notice is required when you wish to terminate your payments and classes.

Fees and Charges
Read about all our lesson costs on our fees and charges page.

Can’t find a class at a time or day you would like to attend?
Not all classes are displayed on our web site. Please call to discuss available options.

Wait List
We do not provide a wait list if a class is full.

Missed A Class?
Whatever the reason you are going to miss a class, we require at least one hour’s notice.  You can then make up this class on another day anytime within the next three months provided you remain in the program.

Swim Kids level 1

15975305Jacob Elzinga (NDIS)Mon3:00pm-3:15pm 
12101624Swim Kids Level 1Mon4:00pm-4:30pm 
15917862Swim Kids Level 1Mon5:00pm-5:30pm 
12254465Swim Kids Level 1Mon5:30pm-6:00pm 
14178863Swim Kids Level 1Mon6:00pm-6:30pm 
14102349Swim Kids Level 1Mon6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
15779932Swim Kids Level 1Tue4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
17528542Swim Kids Level 1+Tue4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
15336077Swim Kids Level 1Tue5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
12481618Swim Kids Level 1Tue5:30pm-6:00pm 
12481718Swim Kids Level 1Tue6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
13834300Swim Kids Level 1Tue6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
17499974Swim Kids Level 1Wed4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
14178817Swim Kids Level 1Wed5:00pm-5:30pm 
17153634Swim Kids Level 1Wed5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
13444987Swim Kids Level 1Wed6:00pm-6:30pm 
16846104Swim Kids Level 1Thu4:00pm-4:30pm 
12101678Swim Kids Level 1Thu4:30pm-5:00pm 
17239201Swim Kids Level 1Thu5:00pm-5:30pm 
17239202Swim Kids Level 1Thu5:30pm-6:00pm 
12101705Swim Kids Level 1Sat9:30am-10:00am 
12101696Swim Kids Level 1Sat10:00am-10:30am 
12101709Swim Kids Level 1Sat11:00am-11:30amRegister
13708072Swim Kids Level 1Sat11:30am-12:00pmRegister
12481623Swim Kids Level 1Sun8:30am-9:00amRegister
12101722Swim Kids Level 1Sun9:00am-9:30am 
16948998Swim Kids Level 1Sun10:00am-10:30am 
12101747Swim Kids Level 1Sun10:30am-11:00amRegister
12101739Swim Kids Level 1Sun11:30am-12:00pmRegister
15346310Swim Kids Level 1Sat10:30am-11:00am 


12254436Swim Kids Level 2Mon4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
14178770Swim Kids Level 2Mon4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17809985Swim Kids Level 2-Mon4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17597273Swim Kids Level 2-Mon5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
16408113Swim Kids Level 2Mon5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
12101629Swim Kids Level 2Mon5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
12481669Swim Kids Level 2-Mon6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
13834304Swim Kids Level 2-Mon6:30pm-7:00pm 
12101634Swim Kids Level 2Tue4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
16371501Swim Kids Level 2Tue4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
14178801Swim Kids Level 2Tue4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
15802484Swim Kids Level 2Tue5:00pm-5:30pm 
15336078Swim Kids Level 2/3Tue5:30pm-6:00pm 
14005155Swim Kids Level 2Tue6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
13834298Swim Kids Level 2Tue6:30pm-7:00pm 
16537260Swim Kids Level 2Wed4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
18108631Swim Kids Level 2Wed4:00pm-4:30pm 
15874391Swim Kids Level 2Wed4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
12101653Swim Kids Level 2Wed4:30pm-5:00pm 
13834312Swim Kids Level 2Wed5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
12254491Swim Kids Level 2Wed5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
12481745Swim Kids Level 2Wed6:00pm-6:30pm 
16496793Swim Kids Level 2Wed6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
15434805Swim Kids Level 2Thu4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
15342793Swim Kids Level 2Thu4:30pm-5:00pm 
12101767Swim Kids Level 2Thu5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
17960134Swim Kids Level 2Thu5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
15988354Swim Kids Level 2-Thu5:30pm-6:00pm 
15712538Swim Kids Level 2-Sat8:00am-8:30amRegister
12101751Swim Kids Level 2-Sat8:00am-8:30amRegister
15673644Swim Kids Level 2Sat8:30am-9:00am 
15402569Swim Kids Level 2Sat9:30am-10:00amRegister
15552253Swim Kids Level 2Sat10:30am-11:00amRegister
17213299Swim Kids Level 2Sat11:00am-11:30amRegister
12101765Swim Kids Level 2Sat11:30am-12:00pm 
13995867Swim Kids Level 2 -Sat11:30am-12:00pmRegister
12481620Swim Kids Level 2Sun8:00am-8:30am 
12101740Swim Kids Level 2-Sun8:30am-9:00amRegister
17463508Swim Kids Level 2-Sun9:00am-9:30am 
16246094Swim Kids Level 2Sun10:00am-10:30amRegister
12101733Swim Kids Level 2Sun10:30am-11:00am 
17239270Swim Kids Level 2Sun11:00am-11:30amRegister
17928755Swim Kids Level 2Sun11:30am-12:00pmRegister
17007318Swim Kids Level 2+Sun11:30am-12:00pm 


14130005Swim Kids Level 3Mon4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
12101627Swim Kids Level 3Mon4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
12101622Swim Kids Level 3Mon5:00pm-5:30pm 
12101619Swim Kids Level 3Mon5:30pm-6:00pm 
14952032Swim Kids Level 3Mon6:00pm-6:30pm 
15868677Swim Kids Level 3Mon6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
16283506Swim Kids Level 3Tue4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
15315973Swim Kids Level 3Tue4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17713259Swim Kids Level 3Tue5:00pm-5:30pm 
12101640Swim Kids Level 3Tue5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
12481708Swim Kids Level 3Tue6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
17979200Swim Kids Level 3Tue6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
15274135Swim Kids Level 3Tue6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
12289440Swim Kids Level 3Wed4:00pm-4:30pm 
13834311Swim Kids Level 3Wed4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
15411148Swim Kids Level 3Wed5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
15689075Swim Kids Level 3Wed5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
15712570Swim Kids Level 3Wed6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
16378286Swim Kids Level 3Thu4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
16404466Swim Kids Level 3Thu4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
12171963Swim Kids Level 3-Thu4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17198335Swim Kids Level 3Thu5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
12101667Swim Kids Level 3Thu5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
18143610Swim Kids Level 3Sat8:30am-9:00amRegister
12101714Swim Kids Level 3Sat9:00am-9:30amRegister
12218871Swim Kids Level 3Sat9:00am-9:30am 
15552261Swim Kids Level 3Sat10:30am-11:00am 
15653389Swim Kids Level 3Sat11:00am-11:30amRegister
15673648Swim Kids Level 3Sun8:30am-9:00am 
16246091Swim Kids Level 3Sun9:30am-10:00amRegister
16949002Swim Kids Level 3Sun10:00am-10:30amRegister
17463522Swim Kids Level 3Sun11:00am-11:30amRegister


16978784Swim Kids Level 4Mon4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
15336072Swim Kids Level 4Mon4:30pm-5:00pm 
16260149Swim Kids Level 4Mon5:00pm-5:30pm 
12254466Swim Kids Level 4Mon5:30pm-6:00pm 
15988407Swim Kids Level 4Mon6:30pm-7:00pm 
16994364Swim Kids Level 4Tue4:00pm-4:30pm 
12101632Swim Kids Level 4Tue4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17607997Swim Kids Level 4Tue5:00pm-5:30pm 
12101645Swim Kids Level 4Tue5:30pm-6:00pm 
12101658Swim Kids Level 4Wed4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
17128965Swim Kids Level 4Wed4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
15880982Swim Kids Level 4Wed6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
15342792Swim Kids Level 4Thu4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
12101674Swim Kids Level 4Thu4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
17528487Swim Kids Level 4Thu5:00pm-5:30pm 
15342816Swim Kids Level 4Thu5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
12101712Swim Kids Level 4 (older kids)Sat8:30am-9:00am 
12101715Swim Kids Level 4Sat10:00am-10:30amRegister
15316276Swim Kids Level 4Sat10:30am-11:00am 
15232493Swim Kids Level 4Sat11:30am-12:00pmRegister
16007903Swim Kids Level 4Sun8:00am-8:30amRegister
17213376Swim Kids Level 4Sun9:00am-9:30am 
16948921Swim Kids Level 4Sun9:30am-10:00amRegister
16839505Swim Kids Level 4Sun10:30am-11:00amRegister
16738122Swim Kids Level 4Sun11:00am-11:30amRegister
12481642Swim Kids Level 4Sun11:30am-12:00pmRegister