Continuing development in efficient strokes for competition. Stroke Development classes are for children aged 7 to 14 years who can swim 30m of Freestyle and Backstroke with good technique.

Assessment required.


7 to 14 years old
Assessment required


30 minutes


Maximum 8


  • Swim 60m efficient Freestyle and Backstroke
  • Introduce and/or build upon correct technique for competition Breaststroke
  • Swim 30m efficient Breaststroke
  • Continue Survival Backstroke
  • Water safety, survival and rescue skills


Start Anytime
You can register at any time.

Continuous Program
Our program runs all year except for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.
Two week’s notice is required when you wish to terminate your payments and classes.

Fees and Charges
Read about all our lesson costs on our fees and charges page.

Can’t find a class at a time or day you would like to attend?
Not all classes are displayed on our web site. Please call to discuss available options.

Wait List
We do not provide a wait list if a class is full.

Missed A Class?
Whatever the reason you are going to miss a class, we require at least one hour’s notice.  You can then make up this class on another day anytime within the next three months provided you remain in the program.

Stroke Development

16978793Stroke DevelopmentMon4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
12101626Stroke DevelopmentMon4:30pm-5:00pm 
16408205Stroke DevelopmentMon6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
16799332Stroke Development (Older Kids)Mon6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
16417746Stroke Development Tue4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
17505615Stroke Development Tue6:00pm-6:30pmRegister
13834303Stroke DevelopmentTue6:30pm-7:00pm 
15994428Stroke DevelopmentWed4:30pm-5:00pmRegister
12101647Stroke DevelopmentWed5:00pm-5:30pmRegister
13384453Stroke DevelopmentWed5:30pm-6:00pmRegister
16670043Stroke DevelopmentWed6:30pm-7:00pmRegister
12101675Stroke DevelopmentThu4:00pm-4:30pmRegister
12101682Stroke Development Thu5:00pm-5:30pm 
12101665Stroke DevelopmentThu5:30pm-6:00pm 
12101712Stroke Development Sat8:30am-9:00am 
12101708Stroke Development Sat9:30am-10:00amRegister
12101726Stroke DevelopmentSun9:30am-10:00amRegister
15797920Stroke Development Sun10:30am-11:00amRegister